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TIP #1:  How to stay committed to your vegan journey:

The most important tip I believe I can offer is to always have food on hand!

I usually am hungry when I first get off work or when I'm on a road trip, I want to munch on something. If I don't have anything handy, I automatically search for the closest fast food place or go to the grocery store and usually make the wrong choices. I have found it best to pack a small lunch box that I keep in my car. Here are some of the items I include:

  • nuts
  • fruit
  • vegan crackers
  • vegan snacks

TIP #2:  Sunday Funday

The one thing I have discovered about fruits and vegetables is that they do not last. I try to be mindful not to waste, so by Saturday, any fruits and vegetables I need to cook, I move to a designated area in my refrigerator. Sunday, I take it all out and see what I can cook up and pack for lunch in the coming week. Here is a really cool site I often resource for recipes, because they list recipes you can make with what you have: Super Cook 

TIP #3:  Individual Servings 

Food prepping is such a time save! I pack all the food I have cooked in individual servings. As I pack my lunch every evening, I grab one serving and throw it in my lunch bag. This is super convenient! I also put other things in individual servings so I can just grab and go like nuts, grapes, crackers, snacks, etc. You can go to any dollar store and get small containers that you can use over and over again. I also keep plastic containers from the food that I buy and reuse. 

TIP #4:  Grocery Shopping

You already heard never go grocery shopping hungry - well, know that this is very true! Also, I  bring my readers (cheap at dollar store) so I can read Ingredients labels, because often, they are too small to read and by the time I leave the store, I have a headache. I always look at the cholesterol and if it reads zero, then there are no animal products included.

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