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Essential Oils and Benefits

I love my essential oils and helping my loved ones. From mixing up a concoction for my mom's arthritis so she experiences less pain to my baby Goddaughter niece who had croup, I have shared my Island Girl Concoctions with many of my family members and friends and they affirm that Island Girl Natural's coconut oil infused with essential oils has really helped them! 

For my mom's arthritis, I mixed up coconut oil infused with Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Panaway.

For my Goddaughter, I made coconut oil and lavender for the bottom of her feet so she can sleep better, a concoction of various oils to rub on her chest so she can breathe better, and gave mommy oils and and a diffuser to put in her room at night. 

For myself, I have a concoction I mixed up I call my Overall Wellness Mix and I am convinced this is the reason I have been able to dodge these flu viruses that keeps going around each season, stays around, comes back again, and continues to haunt my loved ones, friends and co-workers. Every night before going to bed and every morning before leaving my home, I put a dime size in the middle of my palms and rub my palms together. The coconut oil mixture melts from the warmth of my skin. I then cup my hands over my nose and inhale deeply 3 to 5 times receiving the benefits of the oils through inhalation. Second, I massage the oil on the soles of my feet to receive further benefits into my body. I so  my essential oils! Click here for a list.

Coconut Oil Infused with Essential Oils

Beautiful Hand Fans infused with Essential Oils

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