I created a secret Facebook page in 2014 with a focus of "A Better Me Today and Beyond" and invited women from all sectors of my life to join me in the journey. I didn't know at the time that I was actually blogging, but from all my posts through the years in addition to their posts and comments created a beautiful library of inspiration and information.

So, here it is four years later and my heart yearned to share in a more public way. I found the term "blog" intimidating at first as this was a whole new territory. I also found the title "blogger" even more intimidating, because after all, I was used to blogging/sharing in a cozy and private space with a group of women who already loved me for who I am...and then I realized, those were my own personal fears and I just needed to get out of my

So I began and evaluated what I already had - I have content from the secret page + my e-commerce site Island Girl Natural I have been designing for a year. I then took the two and merged them together and began a plan.

I would be amiss if I didn't take the time here and now to thank the amazing village of wonderful, beautiful, accommodating and spirit-filled women for saying "Yes!" to my invitation four years ago to "A Better Me Today and Beyond" for without their participation, I would not be where I am today - so THANK YOU MY SISTERS and know that I love each of you to the moon and beyond! 

Now back to "so you want to be a blogger." Blogging is as easy and as hard as you make it. Half the battle is beginning and launching your dream and then making it "live" for all to see and read. That was actually the biggest hurdle for me - making it "live" as all kinds of questions continued to whirl around my head - Is it good enough? Is there enough content? Should I include this? Oh wait a minute - delete, revise, edit, etc. ---- yeah, the struggle is REAL...and then again, I said to myself, "Get out of your head!"

I am extremely grateful for all the new people who I have encountered along the way...whether they were a seasoned blogger or a new blogger to the community, they all had one common message to my hesitant self - they all said, "Just go for it! You will not regret it!"

So to all of you reading this right now, if your soul is telling you to share your personal knowledge of information and your personal experiences...if your heart is telling you to be a blogger...I encourage you here and now to "Just go for it!" Blogging is nothing more than sharing a piece of you to the world. What is it that you know? What is your passion? What is it that you want to share with with all who care to read your offerings of information?

I will have to say that blogging takes time - a lot of it - but if you are sharing information that you are passionate about, it's well worth it, because you are giving a piece of yourself as a gift to the world. Blogging can be fun and it is fun! You define your path and you define your journey. 

Below are links of information I found helpful during my journey. I  have foraged through a whole lot of information and I hope you find them helpful on your journey. If you have a particular question, please comment below or send me an email. If I don't know the answer, I will to the best of my ability guide you in a direction where you may find an answer.

  • What do you want to blog about
  • Decide on a web domain name
  • What do you currently have, i.e., content, etc.
  • Create a plan and timeline
  • Who's going to host your blog
  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • What is optimization?
  • Helpful links
  • Join groups (This is a must!)
Set a  a schedule as to when you will blog. Blogging can take her over your life and may get overwhelmed. Don't let it. Blogging can be an amazing experience as you release and share your inner creative information with others. Don't let it take over your life and take the joy away from this incredible experience. Set a schedule and blog only on that day. From my personal experience, in the beginning I found myself blogging every day and almost every minute of the day. This caused a backup of everything else in my life. Don't let this happen to you. Set a schedule and stick to it.

    Note:  This page is still under construction and each of the bullets above will have a link with further information. Thank you for your kind patience. 

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