Our Story

We offer two different lenses... 


Roscel is a newbie beginning her vegan journey only 18 months ago due to health concerns. She operates the administrative arm of Greenvenient Mart with 35+ years of experience in government, corporate and not-for-profit environments.

Danielle is our resident vegan guru as she has been on her plant-based journey for 18 years, first as vegetarian for 7 years then a vegan for the last 11 years. A millennial with a life-long passion for cooking, she possesses an abundance of knowledge towards 100% plant-based deliciousness!

Together, they birthed Greenvenient Mart and their desire is to share their experiences, challenges encountered and knowledge gained throughout their journeys empowering others to make health-conscious, animal-conscious, and environmentally responsible choices.

Greenvenient Mart’s goal is to inspire and guide people to live lightly