Coconut Oil infused with Essential Oils

HOW TO USE:  Put a dime size in the middle of your palm and rub your palms together. The coconut oil mixture will melt from the warmth of your skin. First, cup your hands to your nose and inhale deeply 3 to 5 times and you will receive the benefits of the oils through inhalation. Second, massage the oil on the soles of your feet to receive further benefits into your body. It is always wise to communicate with your doctors the essential oils you are using. 

These mixes are for topical use only. They are not to be ingested.

NOTE:  If the oil concoction should liquefy, you can still use it like this but you will end up using more oil than necessary, therefore, refrigerate for ten minutes and it will become solid again.

Island Girl Natural do not claim that these mixtures are in any way medical in nature. They are based on purely personal experience. Purchase is at the customer's discretion and upon purchase, releases Island Girl Natural and any of its affiliates from any liability. Before using, please be aware of any allergies you may have related to coconut oil or any of the essential oils. As with all new things you may be introducing to your body, please inform your physician responsibly. 

I primarily use Young Living Essential Oils. If interested in becoming a member of Young Living Essential Oils, please email me at

From Young Living Essential Oils - Reflexology and Oils:  Vita Flex means “vitality through the reflexes” and this is an easy way to apply the oil.  Many times you'll hear people applying oils to the bottoms of their feet. Applying the oils to the Vita-flex points on a foot that relates to an organ system will activate their reflex and applying the oils to your feet is a great way to absorb the oils quickly into your body. With over 2,000 pores in each foot, they have some of the largest pores on your body which equals a faster way to get them into your body. There are also Vita Flex points on your hands.